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Our Story

Dominick’s Pizzeria and Catering was first established in 1967 using tried and true family recipes passed through the family for generations.  Running pizzerias is a family affair here at Dominick’s.  We take pride in the freshness of our ingredients and the deep rich flavors of our homemade dishes and classic Chicago thin, pan or stuffed pizzas.

You will find that our food is specially prepared with the finest, farm-fresh ingredients just for you, your family and your friends to enjoy together.  Try our amazing, authentic Chicago-style stuffed or pan pizzas today; thick and more delicious than ever.  We also specialize in catering orders for your parties or gatherings, whether large or small.  You will be pleased with your decision to choose Dominick’s Pizzeria and Catering.

Dominick’s villa Rosa pizzeria

Dominick’s Villa Rosa Pizzeria, located in Schaumburg, IL. was
founded by Dominick Manzella in Schaumburg IL.